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Luxury Home Amenities List

Luxury homes are not only much larger than average but they are also typically found in the most desirable locations. These homes offer a dizzying array of features that most people only dream about. From heated toilet seats to private wine cellars, there are a lot of perks associated with high-end living. The luxury home amenities list below outlines ten of the most popular features that these incredible homes have to offer.

Luxury Home Amenities List

  1. Theater rooms. Most luxury homes have high-tech home theaters that incorporate all of the latest technology to provide a true cinema-like viewing experience. Typically, these theaters have plush seating, making watching movies a luxurious experience. With booming surround sound, a giant screen, and plenty of refreshments available, watching a movie at home takes on the feeling of being at an actual theater.
  2. Huge garages. Many high-end homes have garages that are designed to hold a minimum of six vehicles. Oftentimes, people who are extremely wealthy collect cars like other people collect stamps or coins. They need space for all of these high-end toys. Along with cars, they may also have motorcycles, off-road vehicles, boats, RVs, and other types of vehicles that require covered storage.
  3. Walk-in closets. Luxury homes take the definition of a walk-in closet to a whole new level. In many cases, these homes have elaborately design closets that are referred to as dressing rooms. They usually incorporate both hanging and folded storage along with mirrors, comfortable seating, innovative shoe racks, and other high-end features. Most of these rooms even have decorative touches such as chandeliers that give them a truly luxurious feel. Getting dressed in one of these spaces is the ultimate way to pamper yourself.
  4. high-end kitches are on the luxury home amenities listCutting-edge kitchen appliances. The kitchens in most luxury homes are truly incredible. Oftentimes, they have commercial-grade appliances that are designed for restaurants. For instance, you can often find six-burner gas stoves that cost thousands of dollars or high-tech refrigerators that incorporate smart technology in these houses. Most kitchens also incorporate other features that you might not find in typical homes such as wine fridges and warming drawers.
  5. A private wine cellar. Drinking wine is a popular hobby among affluent people. A private wine cellar provides the perfect place to store expensive bottles of wine. In some cases, wine is more than just a hobby – it is an investment. Some people buy bottles of wine in the hopes that they will go up in value over time. Oftentimes, a wine collection can be worth a significant amount of money. Because of that, it is important to have a climate-controlled wine cellar where the wine can be safely stored.Sports courts. Many luxury homes have indoor or outdoor tennis courts, volleyball courts, basketball courts, or other types of sporting features. You can even find private bowling alleys in some homes. This allows the homeowners to enjoy their favorite sports without needing to leave home.
  6. Sports courts. Many luxury homes have indoor or outdoor tennis courts, volleyball courts, basketball courts, or other types of sporting features. You can even find private bowling alleys in some homes. This allows the homeowners to enjoy their favorite sports without needing to leave home.
  7. luxurybathroomElaborate bathrooms. Like kitchens, the bathrooms in luxury homes tend to be extremely over-the-top in terms of their design. They usually have high-end finishes such as natural stone. Apart from that, they incorporate some truly innovative features. For instance, the toilets are often self-flushing and may even have heated seats. Clawfoot bathtubs or full-blown Jacuzzis are also quite popular. In terms of showers, high-tech features are where it’s at. From rainfall showerheads and LED lighting to body jets, the showers in these homes are truly something to behold.
  8. Home automation. Built-in home automation is one of the biggest features that today’s luxury home buyers are looking for. Being able to control everything from the lighting and draperies to the security system with the push of a button can make the process of managing a large home a lot easier. In many cases, these high-tech systems even allow homeowners to control certain aspects of their home remotely using their phone. Technology is definitely changing the way that people live by allowing a level of automation that would have seemed like science fiction just a few years ago.
  9. Swimming pools. No luxury home amenities list would be complete without mentioning swimming pools. Most high-end homes incorporate a pool of one kind or another. Some have small lap pools whereas others have full-blown Olympic size swimming pools. Both indoor and outdoor pools are popular, depending on the location of the house. In warmer parts of the world, these homes usually have outdoor pools. Cooler areas, on the other hand, tend to have indoor pools to facilitate year-round swimming. You can also find features such as elaborate outdoor kitchens next to the pool to make entertaining guests easier.
  10. Exercise rooms. Instead of going to the gym, most high-end home buyers prefer to work out at home. That doesn’t mean, however, that they don’t have access to the best gym equipment. Instead, they simply set up a fully-loaded gym in their own homes. These at-home fitness centers can incorporate everything from treadmills and ellipticals to weight machines, depending on the fitness objectives of the homeowner.

Other Items On The Luxury Home Amenities List

This luxury home amenities list barely scratches the surface of the incredible features that these properties have to offer. Some of the stranger amenities in these homes range from observatories for star gazing to showers that are specifically designed for dogs. As long as you can afford it, the sky is truly the limit in terms of the features that you can have in your home.